Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Family and friends often have questions and want to know how they can help.  Depending upon your comfort level and the individual, sharing your experience…how you feel….what tests are coming up….can benefit both you and those around you.

I have found such strength from the support of my family and friends! We don’t have to worry about our son….there are family and close friends who will pick him up and make sure he gets to Church Class or Cub Scouts or Baseball practice when my husband has to take me to doctor appointments.

Sometimes we opt to take our son to my appointment…..especially when a new doctor is involved.  I think it is important that he meet the doctor and have a chance to ask questions that he might have.  We are selective, of course, there are some discussions that you don’t want your child to overhear….you want to have a chance to get the information and then relay an “update” to your child in a way that best fits your child.

Our son has been very curious….he asks a lot of questions….this latest round, however, as I have mentioned has been the hardest for him.  His latest comment was “so glad that I did not have tumors”.  He has relaxed some and we have talked about my overreactive nerves.  He is excited that I have new medicine….and we continue to reinforce that I have the best medical team helping to make me better as fast as they can.

I must admit I really struggled with asking for help….still trying to be super Mom.  I have found though, that it has helped me to let go….to let others that are close to us help.  Our son has enjoyed going over to his friend’s house….or being picked up and taken to an event….it is a treat for him!  It has helped me to have the opportunity to get a little more rest.  Especially since I have to continue to work.

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