Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Church Family

I know not everyone who reads this will be a member of a Church Family. If you are, don’t forget this awesome resource!  Asking to be added to the prayer chain is okay!  It is okay to acknowledge your illness/upcoming surgery.  It is good to ask for those that are in your Church Family to know that you need prayer.  They do not need specifics…..it is up to you to share your story with those around you.

I tend to be too free with my speech!  So some individuals will not ask me about my health. Even when I try to sensor to the audience…some people just cannot handle hearing anything about another person’s health.  That is okay.  There are certain people that will hear more details than others.  For the most part….an answer like “I am undergoing more tests and have new meds” is more than enough to suffice.

If someone starts asking questions, however, I will answer from the heart….as appropriate.   Obviously some people will want more info while others will want to just be reassured that you do not have Cancer….that another surgery is not needed…..or the like.

It was so difficult to sit through Mass tonight due to the abdominal pain I am experiencing.   Yes….I say pain…although my brain just registers discomfort.  I cannot handle anything touching my back or sides…..it is just EXTREMELY  uncomfortable.  It was so hard…I did finally find a way to perch on the front of the pew!  I so miss attending!  However, going tonight so my son could participate in what he needed to do reminded me of why I am trapped at home on the weekend. It pushes me almost too far….so many prayers were raised as I sat waiting for the Mass to end.

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