Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Our Children Worry!!!

There is absolutely no doubt…out kids worry about us!  When we have to go to the doctor  or have to have tests it registers on their radar.  However, it gets to them!  They get overwhelmed.

Our son is SOOOO tired of me seeing doctors.  He wants me to be me…Now!  It hurts!  I so want my body to cooperate with what we want.  Another doctor appointment tomorrow….hopefully some answers.  Hoping for reassurance that the nerve meds are the trick….just a matter of getting the right dose…and then getting back to our life.

I want to live up to the promise of camping at Dinosaur, CO with our son.  He loves dinos…loves history…wants to be a paleontologist….he knows more about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals than I thought possible!

It is SO hard as a parent to see a child…your own child…in such distress.  With the length of my issues, finally getting to him….not able to comprehend why Mom is still having problems.  Afterall….doctors had me fixed….now more problems.

Best we can do..is let them know that we are frustrated and tired too.  Let them know that we WANT to be healthy!  We want to move forward with plans!

We too are human!  We must share some part of our “humanness”with our kids……just let them know that we pray for an end to our trials.  That we want to be well.  And then, work toward small steps that we know that we can achieve…..like a weekend away as a family….or as in our case “Sleeping With The Sharks” at the nearby aquarium…so our son can feel “normal”….can forget that his Mom is sick…..

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