Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Results of Ultrasounds

Well…made it through all the ultrasounds…..boy…I was NOT feeling very good by the end of it all!  Had to just sit for about an hour before I could even think of getting in the car.

Thursday was the doctor appointment to go over the results.  With the bulk of the fluid off, doctor was able to see that I still have a tumor on my right ovary.  All indicators point to it being benign.  The location of the tumor could very well be causing some of the pain I am experiencing.  The rest could very well be the nerves overreacting.

Doctor will be discussing my case at the next case review meeting next Wednesday.  I will hear from doctor on Thursday to review and discuss the timing of the next step which will be surgery.

Now to try to rest….and wait to receive marching orders.  Next step will be to have another conversation with our son….to let him know that the doctors are still working on the best plan to get Mom well.

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