Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Patience and Persistence

As I am sure you all are acutely aware…..those of us dealing with unexpected illness/surgery or ongoing chronic issues test our patience……test our tenacity….test our ability to deal with our duties in life. It can seem that we are constantly fighting….fighting for the medical tests, procedures and/or treatments we require. Then add the fighting to keep up with our daily obligations….our jobs and most importantly….our family obligations.

This battle is hard fought! We are worn down by our illnesses….the pain…the extreme discomfort. Yet we are also hiding this as best we can from those around us. We do not want to appear weak and needy….we do not want to admit that we cannot do everything for those around us that we want to.

I know I have referenced these thoughts and feelings before in other blogs. It is one of those recurring themes. It is that dilemma we that battle with chronic issues are at odds with at all times.

My roller coaster goes on and on….new things rearing their heads. I am so thankful for my family, friends and work that are so supportive. I am becoming more outspoken….I am learning to ask for help…I am asking friends to help with shuttling our son to and from his obligations. I am reaching out and embracing our Church Family. Maybe…this is the lesson that I am meant to learn….that we are not in this alone. That by sharing…by speaking up and sharing what we are going through….that we can touch someone else…that we can empower someone else to be a helpmate.

We do not give in….we do not give up! We smile when we greet those around us….we are given the gift of another day….to enjoy daily gifts we are given…..like a game of Uno with my son…..to listen to him laugh….to see his smile! To know that even though we are given a tough road…..we are also given miracles to enjoy along the way!

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