Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

First Lupron injection yesterday.  Faced with the reality that nothing will be a quick fix.  Could take two weeks….could take until the second injection before symptoms (the discomfort/pain) is relieved.  Will have evaluation by the doctor along with 2nd injection mid-May.  Doctor will check to see if the tumor is shrinking…and discuss what difference, if any, I am experiencing.

Crazy how the trip to and from the doctor can wipe me out so much!  Never thought 3 hours in the car would continue to “kick my butt”!  Did go to the store for some needed items today.  Even assisted our son with some research on the web.  Really need to spend some time lying down and resting tonight.

Last night was rough for sleep….it appears that I can get some solid sleep between 2 and 6 AM…..the rest of the night is in and out.  Really driving me crazy to only have one side to sleep on….I know I shift positions because my left side just goes to sleep or gets so uncomfortable from continuous weight on the one side.

Find myself wishing for a “transporter”…. LOL

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