Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


As anyone dealing with unanticipated health issues will know….or better yet experience….expectations…..OUR personal expectations of our treatments, tests, etc. change.  In my experience, once one hurdle is met….the recovery begins…to be hit with another hurdle…..can be frustrating…disorienting.  The best way to think of it is as a “roller coaster”.  Only this time…it is not the exhilarating fun kind!  It is taxing….it is wearing….it is disruptive. It makes life a challenge….it forces us to dig deep within ourselves to wear that smile….to go through the day-to-day motions.

It is hard to not be overwhelmed by this! I can best sum this up as my latest experience.  I was feeling better excited about the pain-free life….to get back on track with all I wanted to do….exercise…prepping for our family outings.  Then getting hit with the “truck”….the word “tumor”.  The following discomfort, nausea, just overall “nasty” feel…….really took its toll. Seeing our son’s reaction REALLY took its toll.

Now….after fighting for this series of Lupron injections….I feel like a “Phoenix — Rising Above the Ashes”…..I am strengthened (although not feeling at all better)….ready to fight (yes more spring in my step)……..I am in control (no…not really…just…back in control of my emotions…..of how I am seeing my world and interacting with it).

Hang in there!  Whether you view this as a “roller-coaster” or as “ebb and flow”……when we are hit with news….it takes time for us…as well as our family’s to adjust to the news.  Once a path is started….empower yourself!  Take control!  Know that you and your medical  team are working hard to do what is best for you.

Then….ENJOY your family!  ENJOY your friends!  ENJOY this precious gift we share…called life!

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