Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


In dealing with a chronic or unexpected illness, decisions must be made.  We make decisions on our treatment (when we can….emergencies of course do not allow much input), we make plans for our children — our families, we handle our work tasks as best we can.

My 2nd injection of Lupron was Thursday.  Doctors are talking….they will discuss my case in two weeks to review everything….to see if anything could have been missed.  We are proceeding with surgery. Not taken lightly!  A lot of discussion has taken place…..and the fact that I am just tired…..I can tell my body has had it…..

My body will hopefully settle down a bit with this last injection.  The side effect I most appreciate is sleep.  I actually sleep for a few hours….hard…with the drug….I know it won’t last long.  My body enjoys defying the docs!

I will continue to decide to participate every day…..no matter the cost.  I am enjoying all the baseball games….cub scout activities….Church functions possible…..late night movies (heck — if you know you are not going to sleep! Might as well lie down and enjoy watching a movie with my hubby!)….watching my son ride his bike……pitch a ball or two for our boy to hit (I’m a lousy pitcher!  LOL).

I want to savor and enjoy as much as I can before I am again in the hospital…..knowing it will be several months before I am recovered enough to start participating in any of this again.  My son will be “taking care of Mom”….our family and friends will be a huge support!

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