Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

On Being Catholic

The most frustrating part of having the health issues I have been dealing with is missing Mass.  It is very hard to miss weekly Mass……I want our boy attending.  I make sure that he goes to Walking By Faith….that he attends events…..that he assists at serving opportunities (the children assisting with meals after Mass).

I just cannot handle sitting in the pew….the jostling….the kneeling……I hurt so bad that I cannot focus…..I do not want to be a distraction.

I am fulfilling my work obligations for my family….I am attending our son’s baseball games….I am taking our son to Walking By Faith…..I am hanging out at Church on those nights…visiting with other parents….doing what I can to support.  By the weekend…..I have nothing left.  The pain….my body…just overcomes….I must just lie down.

On the weekends, I try to have some portion of participation with our family…..yet…it is not much…..an hour watching our son ride his bike requires a couple of hours lying down….then to head outside to try pitch…..then inside to prepare dinner….then down time….

Tomorrow is First Communion for several of our son’s friends…..I will attend. However, I know that I will be maxed out….not worth anything afterwards.  I can only hope that all my effort in other areas will help calm my mind.

Mass is an integral part of our lives! It is hard to miss….it is hard to not participate…..yet, our Loving Father understands. He knows what we are going through….he understands what we are enduring every day.  And, He gives us the reassurance that we will be attending Mass again…in the near future….

He hears our prayers…Mother Mary hears and is praying for us! We are not alone!

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