Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Home From Hospital

Four hour procedure was a success!  Surgeons were able to remove the ovaries, tumors and a lot of adhesions laparoscopically.  The tissue samples proved to be benign!  Even though that was expected….it is a huge relief to hear that result!

An overnight stay…and then able to go home!  Nice to sleep in my own bed.  I am dealing with a very sore body which is totally expected!  Lot’s of work done during that four hour period.

I do not feel the “bad” pain that was present before surgery so very anxious for the next few weeks as healing progresses.  I am so thankful….grateful to have this behind me.  Prayers have been answered and as we all know….God is good!

Now the true test begins…..obeying doctors orders and resting!  Giving my body the opportunity to heal!  Walking the prescribed distances….taking the medications assigned…..resting….sleeping…..allowing others to help/assist….letting my husband and son assist.  Special thanks to my Mom for staying with our son and cooking extra food to provide easy meals!

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  1. I am so very happy for you. Blessings and a speedy recovery. hugs

  2. There’s no place like home. Your faith and fortitude is inspiring. God bless you and yours!

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