Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Lactose Intolerance

Well….it appears that we get to embark on yet another adventure!  Our son has been displaying all symptoms of Lactose Intolerance…..the bloating, the gas, the diarrhea, the nausea, the inability to gain weight.  Yes….it might be something more…..at this point just treating it as lactose intollerance until we can get in to his doctor.

Our son was premature….I had the worst case of HELPP syndrome seen in the State of Oregon….the result was my body shutting down (dying) while his development was stopped in an attempt to protect him from what was going on in my body.  An emergency  C-Section brought our son into the world.  The C-Section and subsequent infusions and experimental meds saved my life…..all this I was oblivious to….until my husband told me the full story!

As I am reading about Lactose Intolerance….I am learning how crucial those last 3 months of development are for the developing unborn child.  I see that he can be at risk for more serious type intestinal issues. With my history and his start…..my prayers are that God will see to it that he just deals with the minimal impact of no longer eating dairy products!

The total outcome is…of course….out of my hands……out of my husband’s hands.  At this point, we must await his doctor appointment.  The dairy free diet has been a tremendous improvement!

He thinks the chocolate soy milk is fantastic!  He loved the mac & cheese I made for him (using egg noodles, rice milk and soy cheese)……we purchased soy ice cream for him today……his special treat for tonight!

I want him to understand that obstacles put in our path….whether they be allergies, inabilities to process, surgeries, etc. are opportunities!  Each is an opportunity to learn….to grow….to gain a new perspective!

I want him to view life as a positive…..as a window of colored glass! There is no right or wrong color!  Each color has its own beauty….its own uniqueness….

Yes….our son will have to learn to read labels….to watch what he eats….to learn alternative ways to cook and prepare foods.  Nothing new to those that share this health ailment…or rather situation.

His excitement at reading the labels…at embracing this situation….offers me hope that his father and I have been able to play a positive role…..that we have been able to show him  that we control our attitude…..or perspective on life.

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