Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

4 Weeks Post Op

Woke up this morning with a different feel about the body.  I am definitely moving into the next phase of healing!  Wow!  This is the 4th surgery in just under 2 years…..no wonder this time my body wants to take its time! LOL

I am still working from home, as I can….which means 2 – 4 hours….if I try for more, I am not good for anything the next day.  I was able to be out with our son last night to watch him and his fellow Webelos perform a Flag Ceremony at our local Masonic Lodge.  It was SO worth it!  I did pay for it….did not sleep well at all last night…just laid in bed….resting with eyes closed.

This morning though showed some tell-tell signs that I am healing properly.  The swelling even further down….now can’t really even say swelling.  The tenderness in abdominal area WAY down….I could actually put lotion on my tummy!! I am noticing just the little twinges….where the sutures have not completely dissolved yet.

Even with careful pacing I am “done” by the end of the day.  There is a bit of tenderness that I notice in the abdomen.  This is normal…this is expected.  What is exciting to me is that my body…after all it has been through…is yet again…rising to the occasion!  Wow!

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