Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

It is in the quiet of the night that I feel Your presence….Your loving arms around me.  Lying still….not asleep….quietly praying….

Prayers in the night are more like conversations……quiet talk about friends, family…..time to pray for family and friends…..time to pray for my family…..time to pray for myself.

I feel that I am just rambling during these late hours!  I just let the thoughts shift….taking their twists and turns…..

It is during this time that I can relax my mind….to allow it to roam through random thoughts to converse…to enjoy that wonderful Peace that only God can provide.  It is my chance to renew…to strengthen….to prepare for the next day….to prepare for what is next.

My doctors give me a 50/50 chance as to having some type of residual nerve pain….they anticipate that I still have major hurdles ahead.  Me…I want to prove them wrong!  Yet…I am not the one in control.  So knowing the road travelled this far….knowing the struggle….the daily pain….

I look forward to that time….that Quiet of the Night….that time to quietly interact with God, Our Father…..And, yes….time to speak with our Blessed Mother…..

How truly blessed we are as Catholics….to have such a prayer source before us!  We just have to humble ourselves to ask for Prayer……


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