Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


Lying on the floor, relaxing on pillows I am watching Star Wars Return of the Jedi. Wow! I remember the anticipation when this movie first came out! I remember being so frustrated when Han Solo was frozen in carbonite….the three long years until this movie was in theaters and Han Solo was finally freed from his frozen prison!

Yes…I am showing my age! 😃 And yet, this is not unlike our situation! Although we are not frozen in carbonite…our bodies hold us hostage. We are captive to our illness. We are bound by the limitations that our illness or predicament holds us.

Our minds are strong….our inner spirit guides….it quietly (and sometimes loudly) reminds us that our bodies are but shells. The real person is what lies within. These struggles….these trials we endure….provide an opportunity for God to shine brightest. To allow strength to be seen through weakness.

Time passes so quickly! We must slow down to enjoy every moment we have with those we love. To reach out and build up those around us. To share our fears, our hurts….that others might find strength and know that they are not alone on this journey.

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