Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Son’s Doctor Apt

We attended our son’s doctor appointment today.  Me with huge knots in the tummy….so fearful that he is going to have a path similar to mine…yet hoping and praying that his will be simpler.

Doctor confirmed he is definitely lactose intolerant…at this time we can tell VERY sensitive.  We discussed the other things he is at risk for….after all, he was our miracle….he was our preemie.  This does predispose him to some potential challenges.  His new doctor is awesome!  He understands the risks and the situation.  He has reinforced us with what to watch (especially his weight)…..and he made notes in the system.  He provided sound advice as we work toward what his food sensitivities will be.  

We have a good game plan in place. I know what further changes to make to his diet if he continues to have problems……we know what will happen if he continues to have some issues.

I as Mom am a bit relieved…..not all off the hook yet!  Enough though that this “easy fix” should take care of things for our son.

I know the road I have endured…..I do not wish it upon anyone…..especially upon my son.  Yet if he must endure a portion of the road I have travelled….I hope that he will find that I have been a positive example…..

Never proclaiming perfection…..just trying to demonstrate a positive force in the life of our son.  Attempting to share the importance of Faith, of God, of prayer and of family in our day to day life.

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