Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Thanks to Our Son

Thanks to our son, I have learned to appreciate so much!  Through his eyes I see that the simple times we share are what is important.  A chance to play Yahtzee….a chance to sit on the front deck and watch him play….or sit outside in the back yard in a comfy lawn chair while he plays with his toys…or chases the dog…or enjoys his slip-and-slide.

It is those moments he remembers!  Not that Mom is trapped in the house…..all those long hours.  He is focused on the small moments in time…those treasured moments shared.

I am not super-Mom…..(even though I wish I could be!).  I am Mom….a title that I bear so proudly!  To know that just sitting in a lawn chair…even if it is a bit taxing…..makes such a huge impression on him!  That is a small sacrifice that I can make….I feel thatI am not doing anything…..yet in his eyes…I am participating….I am sharing some special time with him….in his world.

That is my lesson!  It is not MY perception! It is our son’s perception that is most important!  My grown, adult eyes say that I am hampered….that I am not participating….that I am “missing out”…..yet that is so far from the truth!  

It is not my perspective that matters in this!  I must step back and see this through our son’s eyes.

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