Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Our son has been such a trooper through the many years that I have had to deal with illness and chronic pain…..one issue after another.  This last go around as I have stated in other blogs, really got to him.

I have noticed that he is becoming more easy going….less worried.  Although he wants to stay close…..he wants to keep my in eyesight.  When he is outside helping his Dad with projects, he is always asking how soon I will come outside to sit in a chair and watch them.  He understands that I am feeling better…..that I am getting stronger.  Yet I can see  apprehension.  I know that he is still worried that something else will present itself.

I am encouraged seeing the changes in him.  I am thrilled to see him becoming more carefree….more imaginative.  He will talk and talk and talk.  Something that I love to hear!  To listen to his fantastical stories….to hear his many questions….to hear his “Mom…Mom…Mom”…….

We are ALL recovering.  Not just me.  I have learned that these health issues (chronic illness, chronic pain, procedures and surgeries) take their toll on us all…..my husband, myself and our son.  It has also impacted our families, our friends, and work.  The concern….the worry….the stress….weighs on all.  Differently of course….more so on some than others.  And, ultimately the one that is ill feels this weight.

It is truly a blessing to feel the load lifting.  To see that…at least for the time….there is some reprieve.  There is opportunity for us to “forget” and to focus on making memories….of cherishing time.  Making opportunities to watch a movie, to play a game of Yahtzee or cards, to read a book, to share and participate in the day to day with those we love.

Remember to always listen….to answer questions…..to let your child(ren) be close.  They need that time…..just as much as you do!  This is one of the many lessons that I have learned through our son’s eyes.

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