Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Pheasant Chicks

The boys have been busy with the pheasant chicks!  We now have 116 chicks out of the 135 that were delivered.  It is amazing how fast they grow…not to mention how much they are now eating and drinking!

My husband and son have been busy prepping the outdoor pen for them…..still more work to do!  The initial fencing is in place…now they will need to add the cover….and the most important “coop”.  It will be built from scratch…..my hubby has sketched out the plan.

They will get to start building the coop….the nice out-building that will include heating lamps….some birds are all ready to be moved to this next step.

I enjoy seeing the time that father and son are enjoying time….son learning some wonderful lessons from his Dad. Such wonderful time for the two of them.  It is truly a joy and pleasure to be a by-stander…..although I would love to get in there to help!  I will be helping soon enough I know!

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