Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Simple Pleasures

Wow!  Our new bed arrived today!  I feel like a child at Christmas….only difference is I can’t wait until bedtime!  Part of healing is being able to have a good night’s sleep.  Well our former bed has not been providing that!  Being a side sleeper my hips have been paying the price!  Between the hips aching and the intense night sweats (thanks to the oophorectomy), it has been a true challenge to get the rest my body needs to heal!

I am past the pain meds that allowed me to sleep.  I am now only using Ibuprofen….lightly as needed.  I know next week I will need to take it on a regular basis since I will be returning to work…..yes….easing back into it!  I will be starting at 4 hours a day. Will listen to the body…..I can supplement from home as needed.

I had sworn up and down that I would never buy another bed!  The last one was such a horrendous disappointment.  After  15  years though, my hubby was finally able to convince me to get rid of the bed and get a new one.

It was crazy spending time laying on all the beds…testing them!  (That was a great outing!!) So amazing the new technologies!  And…..of course, we made it a family affair!  It was my opportunity to get out of the house! And how better to spend time than to lie down and test out beds!  LOL

Now I sit here….we have enjoyed watching Ghost Hunters for the night…..son is in the tub…..I am anxiously watching the clock!  LOL

I am looking forward to a solid night’s sleep.  My activity level is up during the day.  My mind is focused.  I am focused on moving forward….of being healthy….of resuming life activities. Yet…most of all…I am looking forward to a solid….long….night’s sleep!

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