Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Rough Day

Well….not surprising! Today was rough! I know I was feeling some from having done so much yesterday. Add to it, the remainder of the swelling decided to maneuver. Tissue movement….swelling changes….all total what any of you who have experienced….discomfort.

I do not mean to understate by my own description. I know that for some people this would be considered painful…and possibly quite so. I mean no offense. In my world though….I do am so desensitized to pain that I can only register discomfort. As a nurse told me….due to the way I am moving today….it would be a 6-7 on a pain scale…..now more like a 7-8.

The timing of this next adjustment to the tissues and swelling is just a bummer! I know that by tomorrow morning I will be feeling much better. Another good night’s sleep….even if it means lying flat on my back with legs elevated to maximize the rest for my tummy.

I did take Ibuprofen today….to help with the discomfort. And….yes, I intend to keep up with them for the next week. I need that minimal support for the sake of my body….to maximize the healing.

To those that don’t like taking pills….I can totally relate! It is only because I have been through so many procedures and surgeries that I am taking my pills as I should. It is too easy to push and think that pills can be dropped earlier than they should. Modifying and slowly changing up…..carefully listening to the body. Such a delicate dance!

Now to rest…..and time to print this to remind myself of how I should continue to watch and pace myself! LOL

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