Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

The Recovery Road

I am now (well officially tomorrow) 8 weeks post op. As I have mentioned before, my doctors were absolutely right! This go around is definitely much harder. I am easing back into work….last week were 6 hour days…this week I am attempting 7 hour days.

I have found that morning to early afternoon is best for me…..my energy and stamina are at their best. If I have to adjust and work later….like a 9ish to 5 stint (like I had to do today)….my body is just taxed to its limit. It is hard to describe…..it is like a switch is hit at about 3….I can feel my body slowing…..by 3:30 it is showing signs of being tired……by 4 there are those twinges……by 4:30 it is next to impossible to focus….eyes are definitely blurred…..by 5 I am totally worn out.

I get in the rig to drive home….just hoping that I can keep my eyes open! Thankful that I only have to drive about 3 miles. My mind is racing….I still have dinner to make….thankfully I pulled some halibut out of the freezer! Should be able to gather enough energy to put the fish in the oven to broil…..and boil a pot of water to cook noodles!

I take a few minutes to check in with my husband…..my son is waiting to greet me and help carry my purse and coat into the house. My hubby suggests I take a short walk around the outside of the house….to just have an easy stretch and breath some fresh air. It does feel good to move….to walk casually around the house. It does give me enough energy to fix dinner.

That is all I have the energy for today! I am so tired….I know it will be a rough night for sleep. Getting overly tired like this…makes it rough. The body is just too worn out! Thankfully, I can go into the office earlier tomorrow….and I will have the flexibility to leave early (just put in a 4 hour day) if I must.

Recovery is tough! It is a very rough road. The body will just “shut down”…..and you are not always ready for it! This is the toughest part of getting better! Readjusting expectations….being patient…..not giving into frustration! Quietly reminding yourself….that you have come a long way. Your body has gone through so much…..and has shown such resiliency! Absolutely amazing!

Now….with a smile due to the most recent antics of my son……I will lose myself for the evening….lose myself in his laughter while relaxing in my easy chair…….soon enough to take that long walk to the bedroom to collapse on the bed for an anticipated, restless night of sleep.

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