Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

It’s Okay

It is okay to let the dishes go for a day…..it is okay to leave the laundry in the dryer….it is okay to have unfolded clothes on the couch.

All these things will be taken care of…..each thing can be accomplished….all housework will get done. Some things I might be able to do in the morning. Other items my husband and son will pitch in and get taken care of…..

My point….don’t feel that you have to get everything done! Do some dishes in the morning when you feel strong…..or fold the clothes in the morning. Putter! That has become a mantra here during this recovery period. Now that I am well enough to help with housework…..I tackle small projects…..load the washer….let my son put in the soap and start it. Then one of us will get it to the dryer. If it sits for a short while…that is okay!

Notice? Give yourself permission to go about these activities in parts and pieces. The whole project can be too much on some days….others….it might not seem so daunting. The trick with recovery is not knowing how the body will be each day.

I know this is a hard concept! I am one of those that can’t stand to have anything undone…..all things put away….all things neat and tidy. Reality though….dictates that there sometimes a little bit undone is the best for me!

Give yourself permission to let go….to not feel that all must be perfect. Let those around you help to get the chores done. Everyone benefits…..

Relax and heal. Do what you can…..adjust as you need to…..hang in there!

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