Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


The other day received an email from the director of Children’s ministries at our Church notifying us of the retirement of the teacher and assistant teacher for the 4th/5th grade Walking By Faith class. Those wonderful teachers will be missed for sure! These Wednesday night classes are invaluable for our kids.

I cannot get the message out of my mind. I asked my son about it. I asked him if he thought I should step forward and offer to assist teach…..his eyes lit up with excitement…then suddenly changed…..he got so serious! “Mom! You are still recovering! You don’t have the energy yet to be ready to be there every week.”

Oh my! My serious boy! Classes don’t start for another month and a half……and the pull is just so strong. I went ahead and sent an email tonight….just throwing my name in the hat (as a back up) for the assistant teacher if no one comes forward for it.

I so badly just want to jump up and say…..yes…I will teach. I would love to have that opportunity. However, I also know I have to temper my enthusiasm. Keep with the “baby” steps…..keep moving ahead one step at a time.

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