Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

An “Ah-Ha Moment”

I must second….or third….or fourth comments I have seen posted here. I joined WordPress to share….I was hoping that I would be able to share what I have been going through…my illness, chronic pain, the procedures…the surgeries…..to help someone else. I wanted other families to benefit…..knowing how much my experience has impacted our son.

What I have found…is not just a way to express myself….my experiences to share……I have been so touched by those that read my blog….those that are following my blog. Their comments…their encouragement! It is truly amazing!

Our WP world is the perfect example of the positive that today’s technology can provide! I can post my thoughts…concerns for the day from the US…..and it can be read….throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, China, India….the world! We can reach out to each other! It does not matter where we are physically…..we are able to share and to connect WORLDWIDE!

This was my Ah-Ha Moment today in reading a response to my response! I am more connected…..I feel that I have expanded my friendship boundary through WP.

I know that God had a lesson to teach me……I can only hope that a part of that was this awakening. To know…that our lives touch…..even if we are more than 1,000 miles apart….or are a Nation or more apart.

We are brothers and sisters on this earth….walking paths to the best of our ability. I know that I can say that I have been touched by others “worlds” away. It is truly amazing….a huge blessing…how we through today’s technology can touch another’s life. To provide support….encouragement…..care…..to others walking similar (and yes, some dissimilar) paths.

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  1. Well said, and I could not agree more. This is the right way to harness technology. To expand our circle of connection! Fantastic post. 🙂

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