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Alert for Those that have Dealt with Chronic Pain

For those that have dealt with or are dealing with chronic pain issues….the hardest part is dealing with “normal” situations!

I have learned this first hand with my recent bladder infection. The slight discomfort was a full blown, raging infection!

Now…..my hand issue has me scared. If I find it a bit of a nuisance…..what does that mean? On a pain scale as a nurse told me….it would be at least a 7! Yet…I cannot register it. The severe, intense pain I have experienced for so long has really messed me up!

I hope that anyone in my position has heard from a nurse the way to correlate the “pain” rating. If you feel discomfort….that means a 6 on the pain scale. Even though it doesn’t feel like it. We cannot trust our bodies to tell us we are in pain. Our bodies have been through so much that it is now like a little blip.

The trick is to learn how to listen to those small blips! What a challenge! I feel guilty assigning a pain number….yet I know that is what I have to do.

I am really anxious to understand what is going on in my hand. I am quite interested in how long this has been going on…..how long this growth has progressed before finding it.

Power Outages!

Nothing like a power outage to bring the family together! LOL

So thankful! I was able to get 6 loads of laundry done, bake 2 loaves of bread, bake country style potatoes, prepare rice….then with my son’s help prepare the grouse and vegetables (mushrooms/onions/bell peppers)…..YUM!

And once it was ready! POW! The lights were off…no power…..time to light the gas lamps…….dinner by hurricane lamp! A wonderful dinner….yes!

Power is now back on…who knows for how long! So I have quickly washed all dishes and put the last load in the dryer…..all left overs are now in the frig….ready for future meals.

We restocked the wood for the wood burning stove…..we have fuel for the generator….we are ready! Storm watch is in effect until 11 PM. Wind is really blowing!

My hubby and son will get out for another check on the pheasant pen before bed…..they will check for any limbs that have fallen onto the cover. Thankfully…the birds are hiding in the safe places built for them…….




I am so thankful! I was able to go with my hubby and son on Opening Day of hunting season! I had to miss last year….so this was so this was my dream come true!

We did not get a buck…..although we saw many does, yearlings and a couple of spikes.

I had the joy of watching our son get 2 grouse! The first of the season! He was so proud. “Mom! I got dinner for us!!”

What can I say! Tonight I get to cook up his grouse…..I can only hope that he will share some with us! LOL

What a great day! I so missed not getting out last year! This is my true proof that I am on my road to recovery!


This has been another challenge! Exercise! I am trying to figure out how to fit exercise into my schedule.

I am working full-time, preparing my family for the day in the morning, then preparing dinner, helping with homework if not done….racing to Cub Scouts, Church or flag football….then once home settling our son in for the evening. Of course helping with any homework at the end if not yet completed…..prayers and then day done. That is…unless we are low on bread…then I would need to get a loaf going in the bread machine.

Off to bed….unless I am waiting for the beep from the bread machine! Try to relax to possibly have a few minutes with my hubby.

Body is tired yet wired. Try to unwind to catch what rest I can. My mind races…..how can I exercise?

I decide to take my pedometer to work. I attach to my pants and head out the door. Wow! I realize at about 10 am that I had not reset it. After reset I resolve to see what the day will show.

I am amazed! I logged over 3.5 miles! Wow! I was amazed at what I had done. After tracking for several days, I found that on my slowest day I still trekked over 2.1 miles!

I know! Specific work out miles are not done. At least I am getting some movement during the day! My hope is on those days that we do not have obligation will give me the opportunity to spend time on my elliptical….or to lift weights…..

Ahhh! I know that I would like to have more time to work out. Yet I know that I am doing all that I can. At least through these last days, I realize I am exercising without realizing it. I am doing so much more than I had been.


I have been absent for a bit. I have been diving into life as you can tell from prior blogs.

Last week I felt what I thought was a callous on my hand. It did not feel right. I asked my hubby to check it out. Inside my hand at the base of my middle finger, inner hand is a sharp object. He says call your doctor today!

I go in…my primary is totally perplexed. I have been sent to the orthopedic doctors in town.

Today I had my MRI. I am waiting now until doc appointment on Tuesday.

Best hope is it is a bone spur in my inner hand. Now I just have to wait and see what this next chapter brings.


Life has been a challenge at times….the rough road of illness….especially chronic illness with chronic pain has been rough. Throughout the many challenges I have faced to date…..I am thankful. Thankful for life….for my husband….for my son…..for our families.

Dealing with the many unusual medical situations and the off-the-chart pain I lived with for so long will make transitioning to what is supposed to be normal a new challenge. One of the most difficult, is trying to tell when something is wrong…..like the bladder infection that I finally noticed mid-week last week. I know it was supposed to be painful…yet my body did no register it…..I just felt a little uncomfortable.

I now have a doctor appointment on Monday with an orthopedist to check out a “bone-spur like” growth on the inside of my hand. Like my doctor said…..these things don’t happen on the inside of the hand. “Once again, you are so unusual!”……..

I must say that I am tired of being “unusual”……LOL

It won’t deter me though! As always….I will smile and look forward to next Saturday…..when hunting season opens! I missed last year…..now….it will be my chance to help put meat in the freezer!

Testing the Waters!

I officially made it through the busiest week I have had in ages! Worked full-time, went to son’s flag football practice on Monday, Cub Scouts Tuesday night, Church Class Wednesday night…..the flag football game Thursday night! All this with a bladder infection! LOL

Doctor was able to work me in mid-week so that I could start meds for the infection……Friday night came and I was tired……yet excited! I had managed to do all this even with my body fighting sickness. Now on Saturday…..I thought I’d take it easy.

I guess I went a little crazy today! Baked two loaves of bread, baked homemade chocolate brownies, made venison soup, and then made a casserole bake that I could put in the freezer to help with meals during the week. Now I am officially tired!

I have tested my endurance this week….have proved that I can handle the obligations…..even able to keep up with the food needs. With our son’s extreme milk sensitivity, I have found it so much easier to prepare all of our own food. It is so wonderful to be baking and cooking again!

Now I know I need to slow down tomorrow. I really need to let myself rest……recharge….be ready for a normal week.

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