Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


My husband made a comment tonight…..”That’s more than I needed to hear.” I then had a thought…..yes….I might say more than a person might want to hear. I just feel that it has to be said! LOL

I know that when we have been sick….when we have undergone surgery…….the tests….the questions….need I say more? I have undergone tests that would completely embarrass most people! Yet…I just had to smile and deal with it…just as if another day. The point? Perspective!

In sharing ourselves….our experiences….we can encourage each other. By speaking up, I have found strength……I have found healing….a sense that the struggle I have been dealt can be used for a purpose…to help…to assist someone else.

Life is too short to feel that we cannot express ourselves…..even the parts that are rough……these I think are the most important to talk about…..because it is difficult. It is hard to open up and share those portions of ourselves…yet….those very things are what connect us to others.

Our experiences may not be the same….yet we share so much!

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