Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Thank You Docs!!

I am just beyond words…still! I can only say that I have so much appreciation, respect and thankfulness to my doctors who have worked so hard with me!

This last week was like a dream come true! I was able to work……then attend a teacher meeting (I will be an assistant teacher on Wednesday night’s for our son’s church class)………the next day I attended the den leader/parent meeting for scouts…..immediately followed by meeting to help with the computerized set up of the pinewood derby for a scout fundraiser………Friday night found us all trying to trouble shoot and make sure all was ready for the scout fundraise……Saturday found us working the fundraiser from 9 AM to 2 PM…..a short break (enough time to shower and eat)…then off to Saturday Mass where we had volunteered to work the bake sale!

I was able to sleep in until 7 AM this morning…..then after fixing breakfast…..we headed out to shoot for a couple of hours! Once home…I had to bake bread and bake cookies for the week ahead! Even managed a trip to the grocery store!

Before dinner I was able to throw the football with my hubby and son!

I am at a loss for words! For those that have struggled with illness…..especially a long term type illness…..I am just unable to describe the feelings I am experiencing!

Yes…..I am participating! I am giving back with all I can! I am so thankful for life…..for my wonderful husband….for my son! For the opportunity to help those around us!

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