Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


As I tread this path of recovery….jumping into life with my husband and son…..I cannot help but reflect….and savor where I find myself now! My mind is now almost free of that anxiety…that waiting for the “shoe to drop”! My health is FINALLY under control….I can plan (within reason)….I can participate (within reason).

Life has dealt many twists and turns. There have been so many frustrations…..struggles…set backs….yet…..I knew that the only way to face all these ordeals has been to smile and keep moving forward.

Now I am looking at participating with my son in a camp out for his Scouts! A dream come true! Wow! My son and I…enjoying a weekend totally lost in the Scouting world!!!!

This long health struggle has now opened a wonderful world of freedom…..freedom from constant pain…..a freedom to thoroughly enjoy my family!

The path I have been dealt has been a difficult road. Yet it has taught me to appreciate my family and friends….to more fully appreciate relationships…..to thank our Lord for each amazing day!

Now….I say THANK YOU! I say thank you in the way that I can…..through giving of myself as wife and mother….and through the opportunities of assisting our son’s Den and his WBF class.

I am still a bit apprehensive about assisting with the WBF Class during the week. It has been so long since I have been able to help out…let alone teach children. I just know in my heart…that this is the best way that I can show my thanks…my appreciation for my blessings. In seeing our son’s friend excitement at knowing that I would be the assistant teacher, I knew that it was the right choice….the right way to say “thank you”!

My longtime illness has been a hardship….yet…it has also been a blessing! I feel now that I can more fully appreciate my life…..those around me….the opportunities presented to me! My only hope….is that I can truly take advantage!

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  1. I have an absolute faith that strength will be yours as you endeavor to involve yourself in living the life you deserve, filled with involvement, memories and love. Blessings. Belinda

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