Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Gearing Up!

I am SO amazed…..SO excited…SO thankful!!!! We are settling in to a new year. My body which was once my worst adversary is now a friend! WOW!!!!

Working full-time, helping with the Den Meetings and my new task, assisting with WBF (Wednesday night Church class for our young)…….my body is handling it! I just have to have one day a week to relax…..

As a family, we are out shooting…out at the range today! (YEAH!) Preparing for the upcoming black-tailed deer season! For those that don’t hunt…..this is how we feed our family. I do not buy beef products at the store. We eat what we hunt and take ourselves. (I am one of those that gets sick from beef….body doesn’t process/digest well….wild game is it.)

I prefer this. I like knowing exactly where our food is coming from. As a family, we work together in the processing of our meat. Our son appreciates what we eat. He knows we have worked hard to obtain this. He appreciates where our food comes from.

I don’t mean to preach! I know that there truly are people who just think our food comes from the supermarket. I mean no disrespect…yet it blows me away…that we have come so far that we have forgotten……or better yet….choose to not educate our young about the true cycle.

Our son sees that we appreciate the life around us….God has blessed us! He watches as we pursue our prey……he knows that I will only take old bucks! (My mind is on how much food I can bring home to the family.) Our son knows this….he has seen us celebrate the life of of the buck or elk that we have taken…..he has seen how we give respect to this animal that is now providing us with life. He gets it!

I am so ready to participate in another cycle! This wonderful cycle that is our life! I was unable to hunt last year….so my husband and son worked hard to put meat on the table….now I am so excited! I get to assist! We will be able to work together! We will be working on filling the freezer for next year!

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