Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


Life has been a challenge at times….the rough road of illness….especially chronic illness with chronic pain has been rough. Throughout the many challenges I have faced to date…..I am thankful. Thankful for life….for my husband….for my son…..for our families.

Dealing with the many unusual medical situations and the off-the-chart pain I lived with for so long will make transitioning to what is supposed to be normal a new challenge. One of the most difficult, is trying to tell when something is wrong…..like the bladder infection that I finally noticed mid-week last week. I know it was supposed to be painful…yet my body did no register it…..I just felt a little uncomfortable.

I now have a doctor appointment on Monday with an orthopedist to check out a “bone-spur like” growth on the inside of my hand. Like my doctor said…..these things don’t happen on the inside of the hand. “Once again, you are so unusual!”……..

I must say that I am tired of being “unusual”……LOL

It won’t deter me though! As always….I will smile and look forward to next Saturday…..when hunting season opens! I missed last year…..now….it will be my chance to help put meat in the freezer!

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