Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Testing the Waters!

I officially made it through the busiest week I have had in ages! Worked full-time, went to son’s flag football practice on Monday, Cub Scouts Tuesday night, Church Class Wednesday night…..the flag football game Thursday night! All this with a bladder infection! LOL

Doctor was able to work me in mid-week so that I could start meds for the infection……Friday night came and I was tired……yet excited! I had managed to do all this even with my body fighting sickness. Now on Saturday…..I thought I’d take it easy.

I guess I went a little crazy today! Baked two loaves of bread, baked homemade chocolate brownies, made venison soup, and then made a casserole bake that I could put in the freezer to help with meals during the week. Now I am officially tired!

I have tested my endurance this week….have proved that I can handle the obligations…..even able to keep up with the food needs. With our son’s extreme milk sensitivity, I have found it so much easier to prepare all of our own food. It is so wonderful to be baking and cooking again!

Now I know I need to slow down tomorrow. I really need to let myself rest……recharge….be ready for a normal week.

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