Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


This has been another challenge! Exercise! I am trying to figure out how to fit exercise into my schedule.

I am working full-time, preparing my family for the day in the morning, then preparing dinner, helping with homework if not done….racing to Cub Scouts, Church or flag football….then once home settling our son in for the evening. Of course helping with any homework at the end if not yet completed…..prayers and then day done. That is…unless we are low on bread…then I would need to get a loaf going in the bread machine.

Off to bed….unless I am waiting for the beep from the bread machine! Try to relax to possibly have a few minutes with my hubby.

Body is tired yet wired. Try to unwind to catch what rest I can. My mind races…..how can I exercise?

I decide to take my pedometer to work. I attach to my pants and head out the door. Wow! I realize at about 10 am that I had not reset it. After reset I resolve to see what the day will show.

I am amazed! I logged over 3.5 miles! Wow! I was amazed at what I had done. After tracking for several days, I found that on my slowest day I still trekked over 2.1 miles!

I know! Specific work out miles are not done. At least I am getting some movement during the day! My hope is on those days that we do not have obligation will give me the opportunity to spend time on my elliptical….or to lift weights…..

Ahhh! I know that I would like to have more time to work out. Yet I know that I am doing all that I can. At least through these last days, I realize I am exercising without realizing it. I am doing so much more than I had been.

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