Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Ostomy Impact on Lifestyle

I was once again confronted with negativity with regards to an Ostomy today. Again, I find myself perplexed.

I was out opening day….have been out hunting on the weekends with my husband son…..I am hiking….climbing hills….climbing over downed trees….crawling through brush…..ALL with an Ostomy! I see no restrictions! I am so thrilled with having sore muscles! Sore muscles from being out of shape! LOL

As my doctors have said….I have no limits! Just go as I can….work out….and just push ahead….I was told by my Colorectal specialist that “the more exercise the better”….as my body can tolerate…building up that tolerance!

I am totally on board! The proof was this last Saturday! With all the climbing……hiking up steep hillsides….clambering over trees…..and pushing through the thick brush…..WOW! I just can’t explain the excitement…the joy I feel inside….knowing that I am taking back my life!

I don’t even think about my Ostomy anymore. It is just there….it does not interfere with anything that I want to do. My new appliance style allows a much more complete range of motion…..I can lift my left leg as high as my right leg….this was proven last weekend. No leaks….no issues!

The only so-called “negative” was my tummy protruding at the end of the day. Even though I wore a support top….my body was just tired….worn out……by the next morning all was picture perfect! With more exercise…..with more muscle strengthening……I will be top of my game.

Again….I must say, that I am SO thankful for MY Ostomy…..my colostomy has GIVEN me my life back!

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