Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Other Thoughts

Life is unpredictable. We do not know what type of a hand we will be dealt. Sometimes we are dealt a hand that we would not choose….yet, once dealt we fully embrace….seeing the benefits….the opportunities that are provided.

Yes….I am thinking of my colostomy again. My husband after a talk tonight commented “I would not have wanted you to have to have one.”

I understand…..yet….at times I wish I could have started the process earlier! The extreme case…..my unique, extreme case of a completely unknown problem with my colorectal area…..specifically my rectum….ahhhh! Hindsight! LOL

As my specialist said, my problem was unique….there is no diagnosis for it! It was just lumped under “pelvic floor symptom”…….I just hope that my experience….what my specialist has logged….is able to help to further knowledge of these cases. My specialist hopes that in the near future a better diagnosis can be found for those like me……that the problem might be found earlier with some hope of treatment.

Maybe….6 – 8 years ago…..some type of treatment or pain management might have helped…..but who knows? Maybe my unique situation is one that would not improve….that the steps I have gone through are the best….are what has to happen in order to regain a “normal life”.

I am thankful…..thankful for my life….for my husband….my son…my family and friends! Maybe God has blessed my with “blinders”….I am just thankful for where I am……I consider myself “too blessed”……I could not even entertain the thought of being ungrateful for what I have.

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