Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


Went to our first parent teacher conference of the year. Found our son is doing very well. Teacher really enjoys him in class….this is the first year that he is really enjoying…..no comments of boredom…..

This is also the first year that I am feeling well…..first year going into the school year without a thought of surgery. No unknown hanging over our heads. I think this is playing in to such a great start to the year for our son.

To me this is amazing! This is a first! It also saddens me….as now I can begin to grasp how much my health struggle had impacted our son. As much as I tried to protect him…..to put on that “brave face”……the battle I was dealing with did have its impact on those around me…those closest and dearest.

Just know that as hard as we try to be a good example….to keep our “chins up”…..our kids pick up on the fact that we are struggling….that we are battling. However, know that they will be the first to lose themselves in childhood dreams…..to totally lose themselves in their sports/activities as soon as they sense that we are doing better! See!!! There is such a wonderful resiliency in our kids!

This is God’s blessing! We as parents strive so hard to protect our kids….to project an image of strength…..we strive to be their rock….their comfort…….

God then blesses our efforts! He magnifies it! He restores their lives to normal! A wonderful…carefree…childhood normal!

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