Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Embracing Tomorrow

As I find myself participating….my activity level increasing, I am overwhelmed! It is hard to describe the feelings….the appreciation…..the heartfelt gratitude to God….for life….for my family….friends.

I have hiked, climbed the hills, clambered over fallen trees, trudged through muck, fought through thick undergrowth, descended steep mountainsides……yes, I did slip several times…..even fell once. The exuberance of being there…of seeing my son looking back to make sure all was fine….that I was keeping up….smiling at him and responding with a heavy breath…”Yes!”

I have been blessed with sore muscles! It has been so long since I have been well enough to exercise enough to have sore muscles! My tummy….my colostomy…..my bottom….no pain…no issues at all!

It is different living with a colostomy. I see it more as an advantage! Especially when out and about. It can give some challenges…..tummy upsets can provide some true comic relief!

I am still overwhelmed…..overjoyed by the blessed opportunity to be a wife, mother, employee…..and to have the awesome joy of assisting as a Den leader and assistant teacher for WBF.

I believe that my encounter with long term illness and multiple surgeries had provided the opportunity of growth….spiritually….personally.

Embrace where you are…..hold fast and know that there is an awesome tomorrow!

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