Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

A New Year

It seems an eternity since I last wrote note. Christmas has been celebrated and enjoyed….the joy of our son serving as the Altar Server at our hometown Church on Christmas Eve. What a treasure….what a gift for his Grandmother. He is still talking about the “best Christmas Eve ever”!

Then Christmas Day….our son came down with the nasty crud going around….fever….coughs….sore throat….no appetite! Then we all all shared. (Hubby all ready battling it….then I got it of course!) The joys of sharing this season!

New Year’s Day we all felt better….and celebrated the new year by heading out and shooting guns. Worked with the clay pigeon thrower…..trying to dial in our shotgun skills! Well…..my son and I…..we are the “newbies”! Although my son shot much better than I did! : )

Wrapping up Winter Break…..we are looking forward to the last weekend…..then full complete normal schedules/routine takes hold. School, WBF, Cub Scout’s and the assorted leader/teacher meetings associated with them!

We are looking forward to a wonderful New Year…..one of health and maximizing every minute.

My wish is that you all will have a wonderful New Year as well……that your year will be positive, health will be strong, family ties will be reinforced and strengthened……that friendships will be forged. Happy New Year!

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