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A Question Asked

Our son has been enjoying Spring Break with his Dad. We are so lucky that my husband has his own business and the supplemental odd jobs can be scheduled to make sure he is available if our son is home.

It is tough having the “set” full-time job, however, that gives us stability. And work has been so good to me when I have had to work from home during recovery periods after surgery.

This leads me to the title of this blog. I joined my son one evening this week to look for pheasant eggs. Once they were collected and he was cleaning them, he asked me about when I would be able to spend time at home….”like I did when I came home from the hospital”.

It then dawned on me how much he liked me being around the house…..interacting with him as I could….even though it was limited. At first, I was saddened. I would love to have more time at home! Then I realized, that even when I was “down physically”……during those periods of recovery after those surgeries……lying on the couch….or reclining in my chair…..I was “present” with my son.

I always tried to be awake from a nap when he got home from school….and when I was working from home, I could take those short breaks and have short periods of one-on-one time with him.

It is reassuring to me that he thinks positively of those periods! He remembers me being at home when he got off the bus….the time that I was at home for part of the summer. Those are the things top of his mind!

I know he has not forgotten how sick I was….questions do still come up on occasion. It is just so wonderful that he is past the worry and concern. His questions now are more of the “exactly how my insides differ”…..like when he asked out of the blue….”just how much of your large intestine do you still have? I mean exactly how much, Mom?” How could I not smile?!

Yes! I Gave In!

I was contacted by the dietician today…..I just have to say! Yeah! I am so glad that I followed up with my doctor to make this appointment.

Being a “professional patient”…..I had been researching….I have been reading….looking and actively manipulating my diet to try to come up with a solution.

Thank you, my wonderful friend, Belinda! I spoke with the dietician recommended by one of my specialists. I feel very relieved.

I am a very proactive, “educated patient”….I take the time to delve in and research my specific health issues. I do my best to discuss with my doctors and incorporate all possible to improve my health.

I will have my initial appointment next week with the Dietician. Today’s conversation made me very hopeful! She understood the complexities of my case….she is requesting a copy of my file to review….we will be able to review the “game plan” next Thursday.

I am so glad that I have learned to ask for help! The dietician was well informed…..we were able to review over phone and rough out a plan that she will be able to provide to me in detail next week.

I am excited and relieved! I am SO glad that I can take advantage of someone else’s expertise to fit her knowledge to my situation.

I am looking forward to the long term….to understanding what I need to change to make my future more productive!

Finally Gave In!

I have been enjoying this new me! I am very pleased with where I am and the changes that have had to be made.

To be frank, I am so happy to have a permanent colostomy! I do not miss my sigmoid colon or rectum. I feel so much better!

However….my new life is not without some challenges! Specifically dietary! I find myself caught in another “unique” scenario. The extreme spastic rectum/colon I had dealt with is covered under the umbrella of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Primarily as my specialist said “We just do not know enough…..you are helping to write a textbook.”

I have been researching to resolve my gastrointestinal issues (the periodic swelling, diarrhea, constipation, etc.) that I have been trying to regulate. I have tried restricting my diet. And, now as a dear Word Press friend strongly encouraged….I have a call in for the referral to a dietician.

I make our food from scratch….we hunt or catch (fish) our own meat sources…I am very cautious with fruit and veggies….being an ostomate I know that cooked is best for me.

I have done away with dairy….our son is extremely lactose intolerance. All of these changes have helped. But I still have issues. So I decided that I would seek expert help from a referral of a doc that I totally trust.

I am hoping this will help get me on the right track. Hoping that I can use food along with exercise to control my tummy. I don’t like to take the Milk of Magnesia so regularly (even if it is only 1-2 Tblspn).

I have deal with a peristomal hernia before….I do not want to deal with another one….if I can help it!

I am strengthening my body through exercise! Now I will get help in calming my insides!

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