Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Finally Gave In!

I have been enjoying this new me! I am very pleased with where I am and the changes that have had to be made.

To be frank, I am so happy to have a permanent colostomy! I do not miss my sigmoid colon or rectum. I feel so much better!

However….my new life is not without some challenges! Specifically dietary! I find myself caught in another “unique” scenario. The extreme spastic rectum/colon I had dealt with is covered under the umbrella of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Primarily as my specialist said “We just do not know enough…..you are helping to write a textbook.”

I have been researching to resolve my gastrointestinal issues (the periodic swelling, diarrhea, constipation, etc.) that I have been trying to regulate. I have tried restricting my diet. And, now as a dear Word Press friend strongly encouraged….I have a call in for the referral to a dietician.

I make our food from scratch….we hunt or catch (fish) our own meat sources…I am very cautious with fruit and veggies….being an ostomate I know that cooked is best for me.

I have done away with dairy….our son is extremely lactose intolerance. All of these changes have helped. But I still have issues. So I decided that I would seek expert help from a referral of a doc that I totally trust.

I am hoping this will help get me on the right track. Hoping that I can use food along with exercise to control my tummy. I don’t like to take the Milk of Magnesia so regularly (even if it is only 1-2 Tblspn).

I have deal with a peristomal hernia before….I do not want to deal with another one….if I can help it!

I am strengthening my body through exercise! Now I will get help in calming my insides!

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