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Speak Up!

I received the most amazing call tonight….it was a simple “thank you”.

Wow! It took me aside…..brought tears to my eyes. It then dawned on me that I am not afraid to speak out….to tell someone how it is.

To know that I helped someone to be more confident….to be empowered to move forward in life with an ostomy….is amazing…humbling…overwhelming…..all at once.

An ostomy is NOT a negative! It is an OPPORTUNITY to fully experience and explore life!

Explore life and embrace it! We can now be there to enjoy with our family and friends.



As in this case….the brilliant blue is a wonderful accent! This wonderful ground cover accents our plantings in the front yard.

I love sitting on my bench…looking out to see all the colors around. It is awesome!

So much like life! Who is the “accent” in your life? Are you the “accent” to another’s life?



This Spring has brought brilliant colors to our home! I have never seen so many blooms!

I am not a “pink” person. However, this plant takes my breath away everyday!

Life’s Teaching

The long hard road of illness….the twists and turns of surgeries….

The pathway bends to yield more surgery….more recovery time….

Then….finally….the mountaintop is found! Or so you think!

You find yet another decline….or a slide that blocks your path.

This is the truth to our Life’s Journey…..to what life teaches us!

Make the most of every moment…..whether we feel well or ill…always soak in the opportunity to be with those around us.

While at my worst….our son sitting next to me….or as close as possible…to watch part of a movie…..or being taken in a wheel chair so I could listen to our son lead the Pledge of Allegiance….

Now….I can attend the Cub Scout activities….teach our son’s WBF class at Church…..be an active force in his life!

My illnesses have taught me to lean on others when necessary….to ask for help….to know that I cannot do everything.

Our son has taught me that all time that we have together is important. What he remembers most are those quiet times….a shared book…watching a movie….playing a game….helping with homework….or simply sitting outside while our son played with his dog!

Now to Experiment!

Well today I tested my first adaptation of a yeast free Focaccia Bread. I liked the flavor….just didn’t rise as much as I’d like….so next time will try doubling the baking powder.

Also ordered a couple of cookbooks designed specifically for the Low FODMAP diet. I know a lot of this learning curve will be understanding the ratios of the alternative ingredients that I need to use.

I have a great muffin recipe and know I can modify it easily for a simple cake.

Now it is time to master bread!

Success with Low FODMAPS Diet

Wow! And again WOW! This diet has made such a difference! No more tightness….no more knots in my gut….no more constipation…..no more diarrhea….no more bloating!

I know that I am only about 3 weeks into this…..the difference in my body is just amazing! I am just dancing!

Okay….I will settle down. My energy level has completely returned. I feel like a new person. It is hard to describe in words…..especially to people that haven’t experienced the horrific health/life challenges.

If you have been blessed with good health, I know you won’t be able to grasp the excitement that I now have. For those that have struggled….been dealing with long term health issues, I know you will understand.

I have been able to calm and regulate my body! I never thought this possible. I might actually get to a point that I can experience “normal”.

The Low FODMAP diet might seem restrictive. In actuality it is freeing! I now find myself looking at how I can use the safe items to prepare meals for myself.

I found a box mix for Focaccia bread that I can use Almond Milk with to make! So excited!! I will be making it tomorrow. Also bought a variety of flours…..oat, brown rice….to go along with other alternatives I have. I also scored with with a shortening made only from compressed palm oil!

Our local Fred Meyer has the option of Almond butter! A huge tub of almonds in a grinder….allowing the customer to make fresh Almond butter….think fresh peanut butter…only better!

I guess my scattered thoughts tonight say…EMBRACE this new option! Focus on the positive side. To experience health, to experience this “new” life, is wonderful. I am excited to test some bread ideas I have in mind. Will see how they turn out this weekend!

1 1/2 Weeks with New Low FODMAPS Diet

WOW! I know this is definitely the right diet for my body now! Yes…I have lost about 3 1/2 pounds….my energy level is up! My body is responding beyond expectations! I have not had to resort to Milk of Magnesia yet!

Yes….I totally understand our son’s frustration with being restricted by diet! Tonight he enjoyed Potstickers! I enjoyed the smell….knowing that they are off limits for me! LOL

The improvement in my body is SO worth it! This new path is definitely the best for me. It does require more work….more effort. I need to be thinking ahead…planning for my meals. And like I was reminded tonight, I need to make sure that I separate my “bland” meat from my hubby and son’s! Just need to take that extra step to remove mine…add some more spices to theirs……(believe me, I did separate the leftovers and added the spices my boys enjoy!).

I know that I am on the right path. It has taken a long time to get to this point (like the years of fissures, fissurectomies, sphincterotomy, rectal prolapse, colostomy, removal of sygmoid colon, removal of rectum). Now the “inner onion” has shown! Under all the other conditions I have dealt with was IBS!

Well….I say…”Hello Irritable Bowel Syndrome!” And…now I say…”Rest”.

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