Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Well I started my new diet journey last Thursday. I am definitely noticing a big difference! My swollen tummy….the pressure….the out of control gut wrenching knots….are going away!

The Dietician has me on the strict low FODMAPS diet for two weeks. I am carefully documenting everything for these weeks (food, fluids and body reactions).

I left the Dietician’s office excited….ready to try this new regime. Now I am SO happy that I finally gave in and went to the expert for this step! I was on the right track with going back to a more post surgery ostomy diet…..I just needed to strip more.

Now without the wheat, soy, honey, milk products, fructose, etc. my system is settling! Most noticeably the pressure and swelling in the tummy area is gone! The twisting in my gut has greatly subsided! Just a touch this afternoon (which I am sure was stress related)…..went away in as quickly as it attempted to rear its head!

I am anxious to continue this journey….to see how my body is doing by the end of the two weeks.

I am having fun testing new recipes…tonight I baked muffins using rice flour! They smell delicious…..can’t wait to try one tomorrow!

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