Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Wow! And again WOW! This diet has made such a difference! No more tightness….no more knots in my gut….no more constipation…..no more diarrhea….no more bloating!

I know that I am only about 3 weeks into this…..the difference in my body is just amazing! I am just dancing!

Okay….I will settle down. My energy level has completely returned. I feel like a new person. It is hard to describe in words…..especially to people that haven’t experienced the horrific health/life challenges.

If you have been blessed with good health, I know you won’t be able to grasp the excitement that I now have. For those that have struggled….been dealing with long term health issues, I know you will understand.

I have been able to calm and regulate my body! I never thought this possible. I might actually get to a point that I can experience “normal”.

The Low FODMAP diet might seem restrictive. In actuality it is freeing! I now find myself looking at how I can use the safe items to prepare meals for myself.

I found a box mix for Focaccia bread that I can use Almond Milk with to make! So excited!! I will be making it tomorrow. Also bought a variety of flours…..oat, brown rice….to go along with other alternatives I have. I also scored with with a shortening made only from compressed palm oil!

Our local Fred Meyer has the option of Almond butter! A huge tub of almonds in a grinder….allowing the customer to make fresh Almond butter….think fresh peanut butter…only better!

I guess my scattered thoughts tonight say…EMBRACE this new option! Focus on the positive side. To experience health, to experience this “new” life, is wonderful. I am excited to test some bread ideas I have in mind. Will see how they turn out this weekend!

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