Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Life’s Teaching

The long hard road of illness….the twists and turns of surgeries….

The pathway bends to yield more surgery….more recovery time….

Then….finally….the mountaintop is found! Or so you think!

You find yet another decline….or a slide that blocks your path.

This is the truth to our Life’s Journey…..to what life teaches us!

Make the most of every moment…..whether we feel well or ill…always soak in the opportunity to be with those around us.

While at my worst….our son sitting next to me….or as close as possible…to watch part of a movie…..or being taken in a wheel chair so I could listen to our son lead the Pledge of Allegiance….

Now….I can attend the Cub Scout activities….teach our son’s WBF class at Church…..be an active force in his life!

My illnesses have taught me to lean on others when necessary….to ask for help….to know that I cannot do everything.

Our son has taught me that all time that we have together is important. What he remembers most are those quiet times….a shared book…watching a movie….playing a game….helping with homework….or simply sitting outside while our son played with his dog!

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