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An interview with Pain: Part 3

This is fabulous! A must read!

An interview with Pain: Part 1

I had to share this! My dear friend, Belinda, is so gifted with her writing! This is a wonderful insight……so I had to reblog! Please visit and read more of her work!

Milestone Reached

I headed to work Wednesday morning. As I approached the bridge, I could see the Ferris Wheel in Old Town…..a flood of emotions overwhelmed me!

The town is preparing for the annual Rhody Days….activities all over town including a carnival, parade, old cars, etc.

It is amazing to think that this time last year I was again battling with pain and knowing I would have another surgery! My husband had packed a chair for me so that I could watch our son walk with his fellow Cub Scouts in the Junior Parade.

Our son was able to go to the carnival….thanks to the daughter of a family friend who knew I was not well. Even with some rain and the chill in the air, they had a great time! She and her parents took pictures and emailed them to us.

Now I find myself feeling so good! I have energy, can keep up with all activities! Yeah! So amazing to think of where I am now!! This long road has revealed the most wonderful opportunities!


Learning to adapt recipes….to adjust cooking styles….use different spices to flavor our meals.

Experimented with chicken in the crock pot….squeezed 1/2 of an orange…added some pepper, paprika and basil. Turned out so good! Light sweet taste!

Tomorrow will test a recipe for buckwheat pancakes!

I see this new diet venture as an opportunity to become more creative in the kitchen! It is a challenge to become more adaptable…..more resourceful.

Now over 5 weeks on the Low FODMAP diet, body is so happy!

I enjoyed a workout today. 30 minutes on the elliptical….hill climb workout! Felt great! I have lost over 5 pounds. The last bit I needed.

It is so nice to not feel pressure in the tummy….not to worry about the risk of another peristomal hernia. I am still careful….wear a support wrap to prevent. It is just not top of mind.

It is nice to finally relax….to just enjoy our family activities!

Time To Be Frank — Ostomate Alert

I must preface that this could be a turn off for a lot of readers. With that said!

Our son had a baseball game today. I asked my husband if there would be only port-a-pots or full facilities.

As an ostomate, we have to think/plan for this! I have had a peristomal hernia in the past, so I wear support to prevent that from happening again. I have a simple wrap around that goes around my waist that my bag goes through….I also have another option that is two-fold — a spandex bodice top that offers full support from waist up, plus a wrap that is spandex that can be used to fake an undershirt. This second outfit allows my bag to be under everything…allowing easy access to change the bag.

My hubby thought the ball field had full facilities…so I wore my brace.

I bet you can tell where this is going!! You guessed it! Port-a-pots only!! So after all games were done, I grabbed my purse (which always carries bags, garbage bags and base plate —for emergencies) and headed to the “facility”. Once inside…a quick look showed where I could sit my purse….then the removal of the wrap…resting it on my pants….I could then juggle the new bag and place the old bag into the disposable baggy.

We quickly learn to be flexible! We must! Just know….have your supplies and take a deep breath. All will work itself out!

Be ready! Be prepared! Get out there! Do not let your ostomy prevent you from living and participating!

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