Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


Learning to adapt recipes….to adjust cooking styles….use different spices to flavor our meals.

Experimented with chicken in the crock pot….squeezed 1/2 of an orange…added some pepper, paprika and basil. Turned out so good! Light sweet taste!

Tomorrow will test a recipe for buckwheat pancakes!

I see this new diet venture as an opportunity to become more creative in the kitchen! It is a challenge to become more adaptable…..more resourceful.

Now over 5 weeks on the Low FODMAP diet, body is so happy!

I enjoyed a workout today. 30 minutes on the elliptical….hill climb workout! Felt great! I have lost over 5 pounds. The last bit I needed.

It is so nice to not feel pressure in the tummy….not to worry about the risk of another peristomal hernia. I am still careful….wear a support wrap to prevent. It is just not top of mind.

It is nice to finally relax….to just enjoy our family activities!

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