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Regaining Life

Upon returning to “normal”, I am faced with a new dilemma. What is “normal”?

My prior sick self had its definition…..its idea of what normal should be.

My body before illness overwhelmed had its own idea.

Now…..having endured the years of pain…struggle….

Although laced with awesome achievement….like the wonderful gift of our son……

I am now struck….who ever thought of the idea of “normal”….let alone the idea of what to expect for one’s life?

Life is truly how we embrace our daily challenges…our decisions….how we interact with those around us.

Most importantly….it is taking back our “right” to experience our life with our loves ones…..our family….our friends…..and in reaching out to those around us.


I am so far behind in posting! This summer has been amazing! We enjoyed our first ever family vacation!

This is the first summer that I was not having surgery or looking towards surgery or recovering from surgery.

Our trip was awesome!!! It reaffirmed to me that I can go anywhere and do anything with a colostomy! It further proved that I can travel and meet my dietary needs as well!

As posted on my blog and our family FB site, I was able to find things easily on menus when we ate out. There were from 1-3 options. Sometimes I had to make requests, other times I could order direct.

The safest restaurant for me is a family owned Mexican restaurant. The seasonings and cooking styles are known…..corn tortillas…chicken….yum!!!

We always took time to speak with locals. It was wonderful sharing stories! And we always benefited by finding out their favorite places to eat!

Bottom line….get out there! I am learning to get my life back! The wonderful joy is experiencing this with my husband and son!

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