Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Pelvic Floor Syndrome

This is the “catch all” for a lot of syndromes that modern medicine does not yet have an answer for…..does not yet understand. My extreme spastic sphincter was tossed into this diagnosis. As my specialist said, “we just do not understand….we do not know enough about this extreme reaction that your body had…..we have nothing to compare it against……maybe one day”.

My hope is that one day all this will lead to better education….better understanding so that others will not have to go through all the extremes that I have experienced.

I know that my specialists were able to take my case and apply it in some sense to other cases to help provide relief to others.

This description is like life….”life” is a broad term….it encompasses all….everything around us. It is a broad definition that is not completely fine tuned. Each of us will have our own unique definition or description for it.

My “pelvic floor syndrome” definition included rectal prolapse, spastic sphincter, spastic colon…..and now IBS.

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