Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Our Families

As a Mom (or Dad), we put our family first! Our kids…our spouses are the most important. We do all we can to make their lives the best we possibly can. We push ourselves…we put our families first…

We do this without thought for ourselves. We push ourselves…

We witnessed firsthand our parents and grandparents efforts. We saw that they gave…..they gave of themselves. We witnessed firsthand their struggle….even if they tried to hide it from us.

I know my parents did their best to hide the financial struggle from us (meaning us kids)….I know that I was too acutely aware as to their predicament…

I want only the best for our son….just as my parents wanted for me. I want only the best for our son….just as my hubby wants…just as his parents want.

We work hard to provide….to provide better opportunities…

I know that I based initial life decisions on my concern of my parents financial needs (knowing there were other siblings)….I hope that I can encourage our son to make the decisions he will need to make irregardless of our financial state.

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