Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


This was the first year that our son was not excited about school. My only hope was that he would start his advanced math soon.

We had experienced our first full summer. This was the first summer in so years that I was healthy! I felt good. I had the opportunity to test myself and to test boundaries. I learned that I do not have limitations! (I have modifications!) I have been empowered.

Our son was able to begin his advanced math….he goes to the Middle School to start his day….then goes to the Elementary School for the balance of the day.

Yeah!!! His attitude and demeanor have improved……even though he is still hoping for more of a challenge….at least he has some positive distraction at school.

I now see that I get to help our son gain patience!

I was the frustrated perfectionist as a youngster….who is now blessed to be the mother of a perfectionist!

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