Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


After years of dealing with a number of health issues, I am now dealing with the remaining issue of IBS.

I have had a rectal prolapse, an colostomy, the removal of my anus and sigmoid colon……all to take care of the pain and internal issues. Once all these layers were taken care of, I still had some intestinal issues.

IBS was yet another underlying condition! As prior posts will show, I have been using the Low FODMAPS diet to help alleviate my IBS symptoms. It really has helped! The diet has taught me what my body is sensitive too. I have learned to adapt….to change up my cooking….to modify my food intake.

The one issue that is the hardest to control is stress. We can protect ourselves somewhat…..we can exercise……we can meditate…..we can use visualization…….yet….I have learned that sometimes that is not enough.

Perfect example is work. We can do all that we can…..and find ourselves in a situation where support staff hired is not capable of fulfilling the work required….or that support staff is truly not qualified to do the job. How to keep from internalizing the stress….the pressure that results? I am still struggling!

I am thankful for the peace that I have once I am home…for the time with my family and friends. The wonderful distraction of our son and his many activities! Each of these help me to relax!

Life with IBS is an intricate game. I have found it to be a combination of diet (read this as how my body interacts with food/allergens/etc) and stress (read this as things I can’t control).

The key pieces in this game have been the new diet and the time that I enjoy with my family.

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